Having a course of Reiki healing therapy can have a positive effect on diabetes.

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Having a course of reiki healing can have a positive effect on diabetes.

Reiki is a form of energy healing. It originates from Japan and is used throughout history by various cultures.

Electrochemical energy flows through our bodies as signals from the brain. Reiki is about working with this energy and the energy surrounding the body.

Quite often everyday life saps our energy. Electricity, pollution, negative news reports, everyday gadgets in the modern world and other peoples negative energy do it to us. Reiki restores all that lost energy making you feel relaxed and healed.

It uses the 7 main chakras of the body as main healing areas.

It is beneficial for diabetes because it can balance your appetite and make you aware of what to eat in order to help you manage it effectively.

It also boosts your immune system helping you to fight infections easily.

It can also help to heal your emotional problems which in turn makes you feel better and able to implement positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.

Also frequent sessions can provide relief from other symptoms of diabetes.

It can relax you and remove any bad feelings inside you that have been holding you back emotionally. It can also help with depression.

How Reiki healing therapy works.

When you visit a therapist he/she will have a quick chat with you about your condition, what medications that you are taking and what you would like to get out of the session.

After that you will lie on a massage table and the therapist will start the session. During the healing process you may find that you are very relaxed and you may even fall asleep. When the session has finished you will gradually wake up and the therapist will tell you to drink lots of water afterwards. You will be asked how you feel and if need be you will book another session.

Having a healing can only help so if you have any concerns it cannot make you feel worse.

I have had a few sessions and have benefited from it. I went to a Reiki Share recently and felt like a new woman.

Reiki healing works better when you are receptive to it and open to any outcome from it.


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