Acupuncture can have a positive effect on diabetes.

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How can acupuncture help with diabetes?

This treatment is a form of Chinese medicine. Patients are treated by having long thin solid needles inserted into various parts of the body known as pressure points. This is based on the belief that energy flows through your body and that the needles help it to flow in the right direction for your health.

The needles are inserted quickly into the skin. Skilled therapists can insert the needles quickly and painlessly. Once the needles are inserted you should not feel any pain.

Sometimes as well as the needles, you may also have a therapist use Moxibustion. This is a Chinese medicine therapy using moxa (Mug wort herb). The Mug wort is ground up into fluff and then processed into a cigar shaped stick. It is burned and held near the patients skin in order to warm the pressure points and to stimulate the healing and circulation process.

You may also have to drink Chinese medicine along with it.

Also you may be given some Chinese herbs to make into a liquid drink. You would be mixing them up with water and boiling them until they make a herbal tea. However: I must warn you, it tastes disgusting. I had to hold my nose when drinking it. I had this treatment for tension headaches. The treatment was fine. Drinking the Chinese herbs was not.

This therapy can help with diabetes by helping the energy flow in the body. This will help you manage your diabetes effectively and help prevent complications. Also this will help with pain relief.

This treatment also helps with blood flow which is helpful to patients already suffering from diabetic neuropathy.

What it will do is decrease the chances of the neuropathy getting worse.

This can help reduce the need for drugs which can have some side effects such as weight gain, tiredness, upset stomach and weakness.

You may need to take more medications over time to get the same effect on your diabetes control. This in turn will create more unwanted side effects.


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