10 weight loss myths.

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10 weight loss myths.

1.  You can't have any treats.

Fact: It is never a good idea to deprive yourself of your favourite foods. Your body will end up craving them even more and you will eventually give in and eat far too much junk food. Healthy eating is a way of life not a punishment.

2.  Starving yourself is the best way.

Fact: Not eating slows down your metabolism and makes it harder for you to lose weight. Also once you get back to eating normally you will put all the weight back on as starving yourself is not a long term solution. You will also be so hungry that you may end up giving in and eating far too much.

3.  It takes too long to cook healthy meals.

Fact: It takes just as long to cook junk food if not longer. Most healthy food can be grilled which is a fast method of cooking.

4.  If I exercise I can eat what I want.

Fact: Many people make this assumption. However the calorie content in some junk food is so high that it would take lots of exercise just to burn it off.

5.  It is hard to do.

Fact: With some careful planning and some advice it should be easy to do. There are plenty of recipes that you can find on this website and on the internet that can help.

6.  You can't eat after 6.00pm

Fact: It doesn't matter what time of the day that you eat. Your body will still burn off the calories. You can even burn off calories while you sleep.

7.  I have a busy social life so I can't eat a healthy diet.

Fact: There are many ways that you can fit a healthy diet into your lifestyle. Cook and freeze some meals instead of eating takeaways. It will also help your bank balance as well as your diet. If you are going to a party, eat beforehand so that you do not fill up on fattening canapes.

8.  Healthy food is boring and tastes disgusting.

Fact: There are lots of tasty recipes that use healthy food and it often tastes better then junk. I find that I want to cook something rather then ordering pizza as I like the taste of it better.

9.  All my family are a healthy weight and it is a hassle to cook 2 meals.

Fact: Your family would also benefit from a healthy diet. It is far easier to stick with it if the whole family are involved.

10. It is too expensive to exercise.

Fact: You can walk or jog around the block for free. You can also put on some cds and dance. Also running around after the children in the park can wear you out.

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