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10 myths about diabetes.

1.  Diabetes is caused by eating too much sugar.

Fact: Diabetes can occur at any time. When I got diagnosed, I was told that it was my body attacking the cells in the pancreas that caused my diabetes. Nothing was said about sugar.

2.  Type 1 diabetes is the more serious type.

Fact: You are still at risk of complications whichever type you are. Both types need to be managed effectively in order to stay healthy.

3.  You have to eat a completely sugar free diet.

Fact: As long as you monitor your blood sugar regularly, there is nothing to stop you having the occasional sweet or cake. Also it is very difficult to do as most food contains some sugar.

4.  You cannot drink any more.

Fact: You will need to moderate your alcohol intake. Alcohol lowers your blood sugar so if you binge drink you are at risk of having a hypo. However there is nothing to stop you enjoying the odd glass of wine, pint of beer or whatever you like to drink.

5.  You will eventually go blind.

Fact: As long as you have regular eye tests and keep your blood sugar levels under control, there is no reason why you will not retain your sight.

6.  You will have to eat special sweets and chocolates.

Fact: There is no reason to eat diabetic sweets and chocolate. They do not do anything for you. You can eat normal sweets and chocolate.

7.  You can come off insulin if you take control of your diet.

Fact: This is a dangerous myth. If you are type 1 it is very unlikely that you can come off insulin. If anyone tells you that, ignore them. Do not make adjustments to your insulin with consulting your doctor.

8.  Insulin makes you fat.

Fact: As long as you control your diet, there is no reason for you to put on weight by injecting insulin.

9.  There are certain things that you can't do if you have diabetes.

Fact: A diabetic person can do most things that a person who doesn't have diabetes can. As long as your diabetes is well controlled there is no reason that you can't live a normal and active lifestyle.

10. You have to be overweight to get diabetes.

Fact: Being overweight can increase your risk of diabetes, however it is a good idea to have regular checks just to make sure that you are not at risk.

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