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For the last 12 years I've been living with diabetes.

In the spring of 2002. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It was a shock to me. I had a family history of it, but I was still shocked because I was only 25 and my family members got it later on in life.

I had all the symptoms, I was going to the toilet all the time, constantly thirsty and tired. My friends told me I had lost lots of weight. Even though I thought I had it, I was still shocked when the doctor confirmed it.

6 years after my diagnosis I fell pregnant. Like all diabetic women I had to make sure that my blood sugar was in perfect control.

This I achieved by taking my insulin, but also taking some nutritional products and Aloe Vera.

During my pregnancy I had to maintain tight control of my blood sugar to make sure that my son was born healthy.

live a healthy life with diabetes

I also faced challenges during my pregnancy. I had hypos during it and I suffered high blood pressure towards the end. The doctors thought I had pre eclampsia, so I had to be induced.

I had to keep my blood sugars stable by constantly monitoring it.

However I also took some natural products to help. One of them was aloe vera gel. I still take it to this day.

The great thing is that my son Sparkle was born healthy and at a normal weight. 7lb 5oz.

I had to take tight control of my second pregnancy as well. I made sure to do that and on 1st August 2014 my daughter Hope was born weighing 6lb 9oz.

She was 3 weeks early as my placenta had started to fail. This is another complication of diabetes in pregnancy.

However she is a very happy and healthy little girl.

I have been taking these natural products throughout the years that and it has helped me immensely. The doctors are all happy with me and they are impressed with my long term blood sugar control.

I can eat pretty much what I want to eat and I know that my blood sugar will be ok.

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