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Living a Healthy Life with diabetes

Eating well with diabetes.

Cinnamon for diabetes
Cinnamon recipes
More cinnamon recipes

Easy Diabetic recipes
Delicious diabetic recipes (Dips and dressings)
Breakfast recipes
Chicken recipes
More diabetic recipes
Soup recipes
Snack recipes
Vegetarian recipes
Bread recipes
Salad recipes
More vegetarian recipes

Dessert recipes
Diabetic cookie recipes
Crepe recipes

Green tea

Controlling diabetes with diet
Honey bee products
Minerals in food
Natural vitamin supplements
Omega-3 supplements (Essential fatty acids)
Super supplements (Best vitamins and minerals for diabetes)
What are antioxidants
natural supplements for weight loss

What is diabetes?

Understanding diabetes
Diabetic neuropathy symptoms
Diabetic retinopathy
First signs of diabetes
How to control diabetes

What is Type 1 diabetes

What is Type 2 diabetes

Starting a family.

Tips for getting pregnant
Blood pressure during pregnancy
Herbs for fertility

Controlling gestational diabetes

Type 1 diabetes pregnancy

Mental health.

Mental well being

How did you feel when diagnosed

Alternative remedies


Aloe Vera
Aloe vera and diabetes (Benefits of aloe vera for diabetes)
Aloe vera drink (Benefits of taking aloe vera internally)
Aloe vera health Benefits (Why aloe vera can help with weight loss)
Benefits of aloe vera juice (How aloe can help boost your immune system)
Medicinal uses of aloe vera
Inside an aloe plant



Herbs to lower blood pressure

Common Myths.

10 weight loss myths

10 diabetes myths

10 myths about aloe vera


The History of diabetes


About us



Privacy policy


Living with diabetes


Questions about diabetes

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