It is important to know what the first signs of diabetes are.

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Finding out the first signs of diabetes is very important to getting the treatment that you need.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

1. Constantly tired?

2. Needing to go to the toilet all the time?

A good indicator is when you are getting up 7-8 times a night to pee. That was one of the first symptoms that I had.

3. Are you are constantly thirsty?

One thing that I remember was my ability to down 6 small bottles of water in one go and I was still thirsty. I just could not seem to quench my thirst no matter how much I drunk.

4. Are you are losing weight even though you haven't adjusted your diet or done any more exercise.

5. Have you started itching down below and you don't know why? It could be thrush. When your blood sugars go too high you are more at risk.

6. Are you are out of breath at the end of a short walk? Or when you go up 2 flights of stairs do you have to stand there and catch your breath?

7. Is your vision blurred?

8. Do your hands and feet feel numb? When you cut yourself, does the wound take longer to heal then usual?

9. Do you suffer from stomach upsets?

These can be a sign of diabetes.

If you find yourself experiencing any of these symptoms, see your doctor today and get a diabetes test. Once you know for sure you can get the treatment that you need.

You will usually find that you feel better for knowing what the problem is. Diabetes is easily treated and you will be glad that you don't suffer from the symptoms anymore.

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